Why Mack Weldon Decided To Offer A Try-On Guarantee


Mack Weldon has been reinventing men’s basics since 2012.  From the very beginning, they felt a Try-On Guarantee was crucial to success and it’s just one of their many innovations that competitors have since imitated.

In the growing startup’s four years of existence, over 170,000 guys have switched to Mack Weldon underwear, compelled by the promise of better comfort and better quality.  Guys were attracted to the technical fabrics, the easy shopping experience, and the relatable marketing approach.  But convincing guys to try something new, especially something as personal as underwear, is no easy task.

In the never-ending barrage of 21st century online advertising, guys have become skeptical of advertising claims that sound too good to be true.  Hundreds of companies are pitching everything from a better razor to a better mattress to a better dress shoe.  How was Mack Weldon supposed to convince guys that it’s underwear truly was more comfortable?  Not only that, how were they supposed to convince guys to try a brand that they couldn’t touch and feel in store?

“Asking guys to switch brands is tough, especially with underwear.  Guys don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their underwear and they are creatures of habit who tend to buy what they know.  They are much less likely than women to try a new apparel brand.  We knew that as soon as guys put on our underwear, they’d be able to feel the difference though.  That meant, the key to the whole business was encouraging that first trial.” – CEO Brian Berger


The answer was the Try-On Guarantee and it’s been a staple of Mack Weldon’s business from the start.  So how does it work?  Once a customer orders their first pair of underwear, they have 30 days to decide if they like it or not.  If a customer isn’t satisfied with their first underwear purchase, all they have to do is go to Mack Weldon’s website to request a refund or exchange for a different size or style – plain and simple. Mack Weldon even lets you keep the pair you tried on.

“We created the Try-On Guarantee because we understood that you can’t really know how great Mack Weldon is until you try it on.  We were confident that once guys put on their first pair, they’d recognize that it’s like nothing else in their drawer.” – Co-Founder Michael Isaacman

By removing all barriers to entry, Mack Weldon has given every customer a compelling reason to try their underwear and continues to affirm its position as a market leader and disruptor.

Looking to upgrade your underwear drawer?  Mack Weldon makes it easy with the Try-On Guarantee.  Click below to start feeling more comfortable in better underwear.

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