Customer Testimonials


At Mack Weldon, we get a lot of emails from our customers.  The hilarious ones we put into our “Customer Emails with Matt” videos.  The mean ones we put up on a wall in the office and take turns throwing darts at them.  The nice ones we put here.

“Love your products and will buy nothing else going forward!” – Shane, MA

“These are by and far the very most comfortable, well made, best fitting I have ever bought. The fabric is perfect. Not too soft like those “jersey” fabrics and not too thin and light like polyester, but is has a cool smooth crisp nicely woven feel to them and even stretch a little. The leg openings are just right, not too wide, not too tapered and are the perfect length. Maybe if there was one improvement, they would not be as “tall” so they would sit a little lower at the waist. Don’t get me wrong……these are terrific just as they are. I will only buy these from MW from now on. Kudos to you.” – Ed, CO

“Best pair of underwear I have ever bought in my life.” – Brian, MO

“I was concerned about sizing because the only thing that I have in common with the fellow on your website modeling the underwear is that we have the same number of arms and legs.” – James, NY

“Turns out those boxer-briefs are hands down the most comfortable and best fitting underwear I’ve ever worn. Not kidding!” – Matt, VA

“I am amazed at the quality and comfort of my new socks and underwear. It’s unlike any other brand I’ve worn before.” – Micah, CA


“Best socks I’ve bought in a long time…Maybe ever.” – Matt, NY

“I am very happy and see no reason to ever buy socks or underwear in a store again. Keep it rolling!” – Chris, RI

“It sounds cliché but I feel naked without my Macks on.” – Matt, CT

“Best. Company. Ever. Love the product and the customer service. Thank you so much for making my buying experience so wonderful!” – Nicole, GA

“I wore my new underwear this week and am impressed by the comfort. The fabric is very soft and comfortable. My job requires me to be moving all day and the underwear stayed comfortable all day long. I will be ordering more.” – Darrell, TX

“I love the socks, they’re easily the best dress socks I’ve ever owned. And I can say the same about the undershirt as well.” – Mike, NJ

“The material is super nice and the fit is great, I look pretty amazing in them or at least ‘that’s what she said.’” – Matt, CA


“High-quality boxers, it seems, are becoming a rarity as most companies are only offering boxer-briefs and the like, which is why I was so excited to find your company. My wife insists that boxers look best, but those I’ve tried from the more accessible brands (Hanes and such) have always been uncomfortable and cheaply made. The pair I ordered from Mack Weldon was indeed a test and I really like them – great fit and ultra-comfy.” – Gerard, WI

“The underwear is amazing! My boyfriend loves them!” – Elisha, OH

“Everything was perfect with my order – seriously, the best socks I’ve ever owned” – David, CA

“Your underwear fits me ‘right outta da box!’ Not too snug – yet supportive. Not too loose – yet not baggy/saggy. And so soft!  Your boxer briefs do everything underwear is supposed to do – cover, support, breathe and move. And the fly works – it’s not just for decoration (so many are too small or too big). They don’t cut you in two or bunch up. You put ‘em on and forget about ‘em. It’s how underwear’s supposed to work.” – John, LA

“Bought a few pairs last year through amazon, and I can’t tell which are the new or old ones anymore. Built to last!” – Gabe, NY

“The underwear I ordered is probably the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.” – Brad, IL

“I actually have to say that I love the new underwear I bought. They are by far the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.” – Jared, FL

“It’s literally the best fitting and feeling pair of boxer briefs I have ever worn.” – Nicholas, CA

“They feel and wear fantastic! Best I’ve ever had.” – Mark, IL


“I love the t-shirts and socks. The fabric and style make my hubby look (and feel) like a million bucks.” – Jill, CA

“The fabric is great, the length solves the tuck issue, the cut allows lots of arm mobility. Very satisfied.” – Will, CA

“I really love my first order from Mack Weldon! I honestly can’t be happier with my new Mack Weldon underwear.” – Joe, NY

“My order has been wonderful, I’ve moved your company’s items to the top of my rotation. Honestly I couldn’t be happier.” – Sean, AZ

“I waited a while to respond so I could put my purchase to the test. I was a bit skeptical that the trunks would be worth the money, now they are my favorite! I hate wearing anything else. Needless to say, I am hooked!” – Wayne, MT

“I actually just tried a pair this morning and I love them. I need to purchase more. Honestly these are the most comfy pairs I’ve worn. I would like to try your tshirts and socks too!” – John, FL

“I have to say that your underwear is the best and most comfortable I have ever owned—ever, and that your undershirts are extremely comfortable and are now my favorite. In a nutshell, there is a clear difference in quality and level of thought put into design when it comes to your products. I am going to be recommending Mack Weldon to everyone I know.” – Syed, IL


“I love your products, and have told all of my friends about your underwear. I’ll never wear another brand again!” – Edward, TN

“Well made product, great fit, probably the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. Will definitely be back for more.” – Mike, LA

“Best. Underwear. Ever.” – John, IL

“Your product AND customer service are awesome!” – Darrell, CA

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your customer service and overall experience. Crazy good.” – Matthew, ID

“Just got my socks, super comfy. Individually wrapped? #ballin” – Darren, CA


“Best underwear I have ever owned. The quality of your product and professionalism of your company is above all. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and having such great service.” – Ivan, LA

“Great Product and Excellent Customer Service — A Winning Combination!!!!!!” – Scott, NY

“I have 4 brands of boxer trunks. By far, Mack Weldon is #1, in comfort and style.” – Stephen, NC

“The first order of boxer briefs…WOW!!! THANKS for the great way you provide us men with quality underwear.” – Mike, GA

“I’m impressed with the customer service, packaging, and most of the products. Definitely the most comfortable shirt and briefs I’ve purchased. Comfort and styling are great, materials are top notch– I’m impressed.” – Paul, SC

“Love the underwear. Totally awesome.” – Darren, CT

“Mack Weldon underwear is legit, by far the best I have worn. Comfort level falls somewhere in between not feeling like I am wearing underwear while not going full-commando status. Sheer perfection. You messaging me is the cherry on top and I will definitely be shopping here in the future.” – Derik, AZ

“I am very impressed by your trunks, they are hands down the most comfortable under garments I’ve ever worn.” – Peyton, AL


“Those are some awesome unders. Thanks for a quality product.” – Tom, VA

“Once my order arrived, which was extremely prompt, I surprised my father with his new underwear. He is thrilled, he said they are the best underwear he has worn ever! Needless to say, I am positive I will be ordering more soon.” – Debbie, WI

 “I was very happy with my order. Thank you. Your products are comfortable, versatile, and also form fitting. They are great.” – Charles, CA

“I have to say the fit, construction and colors are amazing. I’m super pleased” – Mooni, CA

“I REALLY like the undershirts I ordered from you. I will remember your brand and website VERY favorably. Your design and quality of this particular item are five-star!” – Darren, TX

“They arrived today. My wife is dancing. I am dancing. Even our cat Phoebe is dancing. Okay, the cat is not actually dancing. She is leaping and swiping at the posh tag on the fancy string. I just ordered 2 more pairs. Thank you. I love your stuff.” – Rob, NY

“I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect with having always bought underwear from retail stores. I have to say these are the most comfortable and best fitting pair that I believe I’ve ever had.” – Mike, TN

“The result surely reinforces the adage ‘you get what you pay for.’ These are the most comfortable and stylish boxer-briefs I’ve ever worn.” – Brian, NY

“I rarely get the opportunity to praise customer service, so let me again tell you how helpful you have been. A++++++++++++++!” – Ben, MD


“The underwear fit great. I enjoy them; love the waistband. I will definitely be a repeat buyer.” – Dan, GA

“The customer service you provide is excellent (and rare these days), and I sincerely appreciate it. Thanks for providing me with an outstanding product and making all my interactions with your business delightful.” – Nathan, HI

 “I’ve worn everything I purchased from Mack Weldon, and I do not believe I’ll be purchasing underwear from anyone else in the future.” – Nathan, HI

“Ahhhhh. Like walking in jello. Socks are awesome. Love them.” – Jonathan, GA

“Your products are FANTASTIC, I did a full closet replacement with them.” – Steven, CA

“I love Mack Weldon gear. I’ve adopted your tee shirts and boxer briefs and hate the weeks I am unable to do laundry in a timely fashion and must resort to my cotton pre-mack weldon- underwear and tee shirts.” – Jeff, MD

“I LOVE my new Mack Weldon briefs and trunks, very comfortable and well-made.” – David, MN

“The underwear is hands down among the best I’ve ever worn. Comfortable, soft, stylish, overall excellent. Thanks for being a game changer in the skivvies arena!” – Kit, NY


“I can’t think of another company that would do so much for a customer. You have a loyal patron in me.” – Michael, GA

“I’m here to say they are THE TRUTH! These things were like crack, pardon the pun. These underwear were comfortable, stayed in place and were cool ALL day long. Now that they come in flavors, I need tops to match my bottoms. Let me tell you something, the Mack was Wel – don! Y’all need to stop playin’.” – Lu, NY

“I am *very* impressed with your customer service and with the product. I am planning to phase your clothing in to replace my wardrobe!” – Albert, WA

 “I absolutely love the product. The quality is outstanding, the fit is amazing, and when I put them on, it feels like I’m being cradled by the clouds. If you told me I didn’t have any underwear on at all, I would believe you because they are just that damn comfortable. Don’t change a thing and you’ll have me as a customer for life. Thanks again for making such a great product.” – Ethan, MD

“Dear MW, you all make great products that fit and are extremely comfortable. I just got my 5 pack of socks and they are amazing! I also picked up a pair of your briefs at my equinox gym a couple of weeks ago and even though I thought I retired my tighty whities years ago, when I tried these things on these fit like a glove.” – Will, CT

“As soon as I opened the package, the high quality of your products was evident… then I tried it on. All I can say is “wow”, This is literally the best fitting shirt I have ever owned. It actually fits so well that I forget its there. A customer for life.” – Cub, TX

“This is the best underwear ever. I am never taking it off. I’m going to buy a new pair for everyday of the year so I ’ll never lose that new underwear feeling again. I can’t believe I’ve spent most of life in uncomfortable underwear. You guys rock.” – Jeffrey, FL

“I recently purchased three pairs of briefs from you and I am extremely impressed with the quality of the product – I think the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. I was also impressed with the excellent level of service. Thanks for coming to the rescue of the male species!” – Drew, CT


“Your socks are insane. I’m a customer for life.” – Josh, VA

“Your socks are OUTSTANDING I bought 3 pairs, they fit perfectly.” – Jesse, NY

“Everything is perfect: design, fabric, and fit with room in the right places.” – Wesley, CA

“I recently purchased a couple of trunks from you guys. Honestly, I’ve never loved a pair of underwear as much as I love these. I am looking to basically replace all of my other pairs with these. Thank you for the life changing product.” – James, GA

“I ordered last week and reordered today… you said it was the best and I concur! I wish I had a set of King Sized Sheets out of this material… got to be better than Silk! Someone can always do it Better!” – James, NJ

“This underwear is a life-changer. Just so freaking comfortable.” – Brian, MN


“I honestly think they may be the best-made pairs of socks I’ve ever owned!” – Josh, NY

“They are scary good. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO comfortable. I will definitely be getting more.” – Christian, CA

“I was very impressed with your follow up and thoughtfulness. I loved your products, the tee shirts fit perfectly and the underwear is fantastic. That’s one of life’s pleasures, new underwear!” – Jim, MO

“Wow. You guys have really outdone yourselves! I just got my first order and I am so happy. Wearing your socks is like walking on clouds, or being licked by a group of adorable puppies. And the trunks? I am speechless: never have my parts been so coddled and cradled with love… Add me to your list of converts.” – Brian, CA

“I just got an order of socks, boxer briefs and undershirts. I don’t usually write but everything I ordered was brilliant and of superb quality. Thank you Mack Weldon!” – Rick, CA


“Remarkable product. In the humid south, these shorts stay cool and dry. What has happened in exercise clothing has now come to underwear. Thanks, Mack Weldon.” – John, GA

“Guys, I just got my first pair of boxer briefs and wore them with one of your undershirts today. I love your stuff and am excited to order more of it. I can’t tell you how happy I am with my purchases and I wish you guys much success not only because you deserve, it but also because I want to wear your stuff for the rest of my life. Well done! Thanks for changing my perception of quality under garments and for the comfort you’ve brought to my life.” – Josh, MD

“They are so beautiful, I almost cried. Not really, I am not a freak.” – Stuart, CA

“Bought one pair of underwear…just to see. AWESOME. Just ordered more!” – Alexander, MA

“All throughout my life I have never found an underwear that fits so perfect, so nice and well done, I only purchased one to try on, and now I am in the process of getting rid of all my present ones and replace them with Mack Weldon ones.” – Maurice, CA

“Guys, it takes a lot for me to comment. I just placed a second order for another 5 boxer briefs. This stuff is amazing. I haven’t been this excited about underwear since I got my Spider-Man Underoos in 1979. Well, I take that back. I was pretty excited by my wife’s on our wedding night, but you know what I mean. You have earned a customer for life. Next I have to try one of your undershirts.” – P.B., AL

“I just received my first set of underwear from Mack Weldon and so long as I live and your company is in business I will never buy another pair of underwear from anyone else ever again. I have been searching for underwear that does not ride up, bunch up, make me sweat, or provides hours of constant adjustment. Wearing your underwear feels like a second skin. Thank you!!!” – Clark, TX