How Many Ways Can You Wear One Pair of Shorts?


Introducing a new product is a big deal.  We pride ourselves on having a focused, but excellent assortment of products.  When we do launch something new, it is the culmination of months of planning, prototyping, fitting, debating, revising, debating some more, and eventually naming.  The history of any given product’s anatomy is always an interesting story.  This is the story of the 4-Way Short.

This week we introduced the 4-Way Short.  It’s lightweight, breathable, stretchy, quick drying, and water repellent.  It also has an interior draw cord with snap button closure and seam-sealed zipper pockets.  It’s a lot of features and functionality packed into one modern looking pair of shorts.  The short was born out of our own frustrations finding a short that we could wear all day.  Most shorts do one thing well.  Either they’re lightweight and breathable for working out, soft and comfortable for lounging, or high-end and designed for going out.  We wanted a short that could seamlessly transition from one activity to another.


So we built a short that wasn’t just great at one thing, it was great at four things: recreating, running, roaming, and relaxing.  Hence, the name 4-Way.  We truly believe you can wear these shorts from sunrise to sunset, so to show you just how much you can get done in the 4-Way Short, we put together a checklist of activities for you to try.  Each activity takes advantage of some unique aspect of the short whether it’s quick dry for after a run, water resistance for when it rains, stretch for when you lunge at a forehand on the tennis court, or a sleek modern design for when you head to lunch at the country club.  Pick up a pair today and see how many of these you can check off the list:


Ready to start checking activities off the list?  Click here to get your own pair of 4-Way Shorts.

Author: Charley

Charley is Director, Finance & Operations at Mack Weldon.