Ask Mack: Crime Fighting Apparel


Guys tend to be clueless when it comes to dressing themselves.  We’ve all been in situations where we needed a sartorial suggestion and didn’t know where to turn.  Enter Matthew.  Matthew is our Creative Director of Design and all around Renaissance Man.  He’s here to answer your questions about apparel, grooming, dating, and everything in between.

 Q: What should I wear when fighting crime? – Chris

A: Whoa…what?  Like, Superman crime fighting?  Cause tights are a hard look to pull off, man.  How ‘bout we stick with something more stylish – the 007’s and Phillip Marlow’s of the world.  They knew how to bring down international crime syndicates and tie a proper Windsor Knot.  Something we should all aspire to.  I know, I know – your tux is at the cleaners.  No worries.  The main thing these guys all had in common was the ability to look cool under pressure while reacting fast to any situation.  Sounds like a typical day at the office for most of us, really.  The secret?  Stretch.  A little added elasticity helps give you a better looking fit, from your suit to your shirt to your skivvies.  So, when those rogue assassins take aim, you can be sure of enough movement to swash buckle with one hand and martini shake with the other.  Cheers.

Author: Matthew

Matthew is Mack Weldon's Creative Director of Design