Make Every Day Feel Like Sunday


Introducing a new product is a big deal.  We pride ourselves on having a focused, but excellent assortment of products.  When we do launch something new, it is the culmination of months of planning, prototyping, fitting, debating, revising, debating some more, and eventually naming.  The history of any given product’s anatomy is always an interesting story.  This is the story of the Sunday Pant.

Sunday is a day for relaxation.  It’s for football, Netflix binges, and primetime HBO.  It’s the day you cheat on your diet and refuse to move from your couch.  When you wake up on Sunday and are deciding what clothes to put on, the first thing you think about is comfort.  No one lounges on the couch in jeans and a collared shirt.  But what’s the perfect apparel for lounging?  Is it a pair of sweatpants?  Sure.  Is it a Knit Boxer?  Definitely.  What about pajama pants?  Absolutely.  You throw on your pajama pants and your favorite football team’s jersey, grab a beer, and settle in for the game.

An hour and half later, though, disaster strikes.  You’ve run out of beer.  Thankfully, it’s halftime and you have fifteen minutes to run to the store.  You head for the door before realizing you can’t walk to Duane Reader in your flannel pajama pants.  The restaurant below your apartment is a brunch hotspot and you can’t risk seeing someone you know while looking like a slob in pajamas.  You go into your bedroom, put on some jeans, and walk to the store.  But, what if you didn’t have to change?  What if there was a pant that was comfortable enough for lounging, but tailored enough to fit in at the trendiest of brunch spots?  There is.  We call it the Sunday Pant.


The Sunday Pant was designed to make every day feel like Sunday.  Lounge pants are typically made of heavy, baggy flannel.  Comfortable, sure, but not appropriate for wearing out in public.  We wanted to reinvent and reinvigorate the lounge pant by maintaining the comfort, but giving it a modern look and some great technical details.  The Sunday Pant is built from 100% brushed cotton flannel for a premium, but lightweight feel.  The brushing extends the fibers making the fabric extra soft.  We added moisture wicking and anti-odor properties, so you stay dry and fresh all day long (you can even skip laundry day, but you didn’t hear it from us).  We finished it off with a closed cuff for refined relaxation and an engineered flex waist for ultimate movement and comfort.

The Sunday Pant is a true triple threat.  While you could wear the Ace Pant out to brunch and on the couch or the Knit boxer on the couch and to bed, the Sunday Pant you can wear to bed, on the couch, or out to brunch.  No matter how you like to wear it, you know you’ll always be comfortable and, best of all, you’ll look cool and feel cool thanks to the tailored look and moisture wicking properties.

To learn more about the Sunday Pant and the Sunday Short click here.



Author: Charley

Charley is Director, Finance & Operations at Mack Weldon.