What We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving we are thankful for many things.  We’re thankful for our family, our friends, and our good health.  We’re thankful for all our loyal customers who support Mack Weldon.  We’re also thankful for the little things in life that help us get through the day, the week, and the year.  Things like the new belt extender technique we discovered.  Below are some other little things Mack Weldon employees are thankful for this year:

Unlimited Mimosas at brunch   |   Free drinks from Bumble dates   |   SoulCycle   |   Brian Berger’s AMEX   |   My Swiss Army Knife   |   Wheels on luggage   |   That spray that Starbucks uses on apples to keep them “fresh” for days   |   Electrolytes on Friday mornings   |   Bottle caps and cans   |   Corks   |   Opposable thumbs   |   Anything anti-Kardashian   |   General Tso’s chicken   |   Steve jobs and waterproof phone cases   |   Underwear that doesn’t ride up   |   Cushioned footbeds on socks   |   The general acceptance of wearing whatever you want to work   |   Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye   |   Overnight shipping   |   Seinfeld reruns on Hulu   |   The honey in honey mustard   |   Gelatinous cranberry “sauce.” Deep fried stuffing   |   Airplane mode   |   Heinz Ketchup   |   Frank’s Buffalo Sauce   |   Flywheel   |   Excel shortcuts   |   Elon Musk’s brain   |   NFC mobile payments   |   Netflix binges   |   Wine   |   Cloud storage   |   Jack Daniels   |   J.J. Abrams’ Mystery Box   |   The Chicago Cubs   |   Bud Light   |   Vienna Beef hot dogs   |   Kris Bryant & Anthony Rizzo (aka Bryzzo)   |   Deep dish pizza   |   Pocket app   |   HBO Now   |   Google Photos   |   TSA Pre-Check   |   Wait But Why   |   DiGiorno microwavable pizzas   |   Facebook’s unfollow button   |   Chipotle burrito bowls   |   MLB.tv   |   Starbucks mobile ordering & pickup   |   Sorting by delivery times on Seamless   |   Amazon Prime Now two hour deliveries   |   Westworld   |   Fantasy Football Podcasts   |   Podcasts   |   My doorman   |   NY Giants   |   Headphone jacks   |   Late night Friends on Nick at Night   |   Jetblue’s Even More Space seats and Even More Speed expedited security   |   Taco Bell Mexican pizza   |   Ubiquitous Ubers even if u can’t remember the ride   |   Thursday Clarissa’s Cocktails   |   The Hustle newsletter   |   Everything Apple   |   Food, food, and food   |   The greatest city in the world (NYC)   |   Still being on my parent’s phone plan   |   Candles that smell like churros   |   Stationary stores   |   My bodega man   |   Seamless   |   Dairy-free ice cream   |   Talking to my mom every day   |   Bill Maher   |   Tacos   |   Guacamole   |   Lemon hummus   |   Arizona college basketball   |   Dry shampoo   |   Helvetica font   |   Snapchat   |   Gel pens   |   Fresh notebooks   |   Feedback   |   Having fun at work   |   Open doors   |   Wearing crop tops to work   |   90s R&B   |   24-hour Duane Reade   |   Xanax   |   Stumptown cold brew   |   Team bonding at Clarissa’s Cocktails   |   Brainstorming   |   Neuro-science marketing   |   Having a walk-in closet in Manhattan   |   Rosé   |   Hot coffee on cold days   |   Stepping on the subway platform right when the train comes   |   My ex-boyfriend breaking up with me   |   Being able to make my mom proud by selling men’s underwear   |   My mom not asking for a refund on my college education   |   Chainsmokers   |   My iPhone (even though iOS 10 sucks)   |   A free train ticket if the conductor doesn’t take my ticket   |   Thankful (not really) that I get to drive a car in a town where only old people drive   |   My friends who keep buying Mack Weldon   |   Definitely having fun at work   |   Wearing shorts to work   |   Working from home   |   Watching Collin struggle to concentrate while at work   |   Never-ending sushi   |   Thankful that I don’t have to live with my girlfriend’s brother’s p.o.s  dog   |   Free apartment heat   |   My eyebrows   |   Bronzer

Author: Charley

Charley is Director, Finance & Operations at Mack Weldon.