Five Ways to Wear the New Knit Boxer


Last week, we introduced a brand new Knit Boxer.  If you’re a boxer guy, it’s the best of both worlds.  You get the super soft feel of our signature 18 Hour Jersey combined with the silhouette of a boxer short.  It’s an undeniably smooth and classic look.  It features a buttoned fly, covered waistband, and ribbed gusset for mobility.

We recognize though that not everyone is a boxer silhouette guy.  So you may not have paid much attention to the official launch of our Knit Boxer.  But did you know its functionality extends well beyond just everyday underwear?  The Knit Boxer’s functionality extends well beyond just everyday underwear.  Here are five use cases for the Knit Boxer:


1. For Under Your Pants

They are underwear after all.  If you’re a boxer guy, wear the Knit Boxer to your heart’s content.  The guys in our office who wear boxers love it.  If you’re not a boxer guy, keep reading.

2. For Sleeping

Deciding what to wear to bed can be a struggle.  Pajamas are often too heavy.  Boxer briefs can feel too constricting.  And while there’s research to suggest sleeping naked can be good for you, most guys just aren’t down with that.  The Knit Boxer is the perfect solution.  It’s loose enough to move around in bed without getting stuck, but not so heavy that it will cause night sweats.  And did we mention soft and comfortable?

3. For Netflix & Chill

No one comes home from work and watches Netflix in their dress pants or jeans.  That’s the opposite of comfortable.  But what are you supposed change into?  Shorts? Sweatpants? Both are good options, but also a quick way to build up a pile of barely worn clothes in the laundry hamper.  Why not throw on the same comfy boxers you’re going to wear to bed anyway?  Plus, you’re probably going to fall asleep on the couch watching your eighth straight episode of Stranger Things, so might as well throw on that sleepwear.


4. For Reading a Book, Cooking Dinner, or Doing the Laundry

Noticing a theme?  Seriously, just wear these around the house nonstop.  Thank us later.

5. For Working Out

Just kidding.  Dad, please stop wearing the Knit Boxers to the gym.  It’s embarrassing.

Click here to start feeling more comfortable around the house.

Author: Charley

Charley is Director, Finance & Operations at Mack Weldon.